This weekend was the Yokohama International Tennis Tournament, the one that Fumio and I played in last year. This year I was too busy to practice and I’m not nearly as good as Fumio anyways, so I declined the match.

We went to watch Fumio anyways and we saw his last game. They didn’t do so well and perhaps I would have played as well as his partner anyways, so that was a bit of a shame.

The kids were quite interested in it though, since they both got tennis rackets from Fumio and Yoshie for Christmas. They had always been interested in tennis and now was their chance to try it out.

We had a court to play on for a bit, which the kids played on first and then the adults played. It was fun, since we did some practicing with the kids. Lauren didn’t quite get it, but Evan was able to hit some pretty good balls.

The day was beautiful and sunny, so it was a great time out. Yoshie made lunch for us all and we got to play a bit of practice tennis on the lawn. The kids also climbed up a tree, which was good fun. I’ve never seen the kids climb a tree before!

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