Yesterday we went to a place called Round-1 which is a sports/play centre. For $15 per person (kids were free) we could play an assortment of things from volleyball, baseball, gold, archery, mini-golf, fishing (!), video games, ball games, roller-blading, balloon punch and a whole bunch of others that I can’t even begin to describe.

Evan wanted to go fishing first, but his interest quickly waned when nobody was catching anything (apparently there were fish in the pond) and the appeal of the ball-gun overtook the fishing appeal. After that there was lots of play in the ball rooms, bowling and we even got to go roller-skating/blading. Evan wasn’t so interested in the video-games which was good, and I played a game or two with Lauren but she didn’t seem too interested.

The roller-skating/blading was really fun. We strapped all the usual safety equipment on the kids and ourselves, as well as roller-skates (blades for me) and we went out on the floor. Neither of the kids could really stand up by themselves, but we would take them around the rink, holding them under their underarms and pushed them along. Evan figured out how to keep the skates straight, but Lauren didn’t quite get the hang of it. I saw Nicole go around once by herself around the rink and I reckon she was getting nostalgic from times in her past. I’d prefer to forget those awkward roller-skating days…

Here’s a shot of the family:

Roller-skating at Round-1

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