Crayfish hunting

The family went out to Honmoku-shimin park this weekend to partake in the crayfish catching. Apparently it’s a once-a-year event, where you can try to catch crayfish with fishing rods and octopus as bait. The kids were quite excited about the prospect of fishing and maybe catching something, but probably all that was possible to be caught was done so before we arrived. Anyways, we met up with Rebecca and the kids (Caleb and Jolie) and Akiyo and kids (Mamoru and Akira) as well as some of Rebecca’s friends. It was a beautiful day out and they had some events, like omochi pounding, which was good fun for Evan and I who got to pound the rice with a big wooden mallet thing. Good fun.

Evan was given a straw origami in the shape of a dragon fly that was very neat!

The purpose of the event was supposed to be to catch all the crayfish. The crays eat dragonfly larvae and dragonflies are revered for a number of reasons. There is rice grown in the pond and the rice was harvested and I think they’re going to put dragonfly larvae into the water so that there is an abundance of dragonflies (どんぼ) for the next season. We also sang どんぼ songs in order to raise many dragonflies for next season.

Here’s a site with a bit of information on the event

Pounding the omochi


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