Yokohama Festa

Today we went to the Yokohama festa, which is a yearly festival celebrating different cultures and is usually accompanied by dancing, music and food. We met up with a bunch of people downtown including Karen (Nicole’s friend from Malaysia/Australia), Brian and Vanessa, Jannie and Ann, and Ayako and kids. It was very nice with such beautiful weather – not too hot and a bit windy – just how I like it!

In the afternoon I went on the bike with Evan around and bought some things for the new computer downtown. We then met up with Nicole and Lauren in Isezaki mall. Evan was allowed to buy 2 things from the 100 yen shop, so he got a laser gun that has sparks inside, and a nerf rocket-launcher thing, that was pretty fun. Lauren loved to watch Evan play with the launcher and he couldn’t wait to get out of the store before using it. I let him shoot the rockets if he wanted to, but as long as there was nobody around. He had a great time. We’ve since lost the rocket part (I’m sure Nicole hid it purposely) but he did have a good time with it!

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