Drinks out with Fumio

Fumio and I went out for some drinks on Saturday night. I was comfortable watching the latest King Kong movie (I didn’t like it) but I decided to go anyways. We went to this cool club not far from our houses, on the 3rd floor directly on Honmoku dori. It was very cool inside, but not a soul to be found! One or two people came and went during our time there, but by midnight it was still a ghost-town.

The bartender was amazingly keen on his work. He’d measure exactly the right amount, swirl the ice-cubes in a specific way so it didn’t freeze against the glass, mixing the drinks in a wierd flailing way…

The drinks were delicious though. I found it odd that they’d sell a Kamikaze in the bars, but I guess that’s Japan. One of the drinks was made with this big round ice-sphere. It was very cool! The ice melts much differently than for cubes apparently.
A bit expensive for the evening, but lots of fun!

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