I had my team and some of the people I work with over for a barbeque on the weekend. It was great fun meeting all the people and their families. We had about 5 kiddies running around and I was pretty busy entertaining, so I couldn’t really play much with the kids. Horiuchi-san brought her little girl Nanako, Kousaka-san brought her son Kai, Benny brought his two kids and Yokokawa-san brought his two girls.

Everybody brought a bit of food and I had lots of drink, so we stayed out quite late, drinking and telling stories. Inui-san dropped by very late, with some fish that he had caught outside Shonan. Koga-san’s wife cut the fish up and we had sashimi which was very yummy. Sahara-san was pretty drunk, so he stayed overnight. When I got up in the morning, he had gone, but some elves must have been by, since the dishes were all done. So that was probably that klinking sound I heard in the morning. I was feeling a bit hung-over, so I just hung out on Sunday and mucked about with the computer.

I learned a new sentence in Japanese:

“sumomo mo momo mo momo no uchi”

which means something like plums are a kind of a peach, a peach is also a peach, both plums and peaches are kinds of peaches.

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