Taihen desu ne.

I had some bad luck last night. I decided to make a Costco run late last night, around 5:30. I took the bike and when I got there (about a 1/2 hour cycle) Costco had just closed. So I had to cycle all the way back again. Then around half way home, I got a flat tyre. So I had to walk the 5 km with a flat tyre. Oh well. I stopped off at a restaurant for some food which was rather yummy. I cycle past the place most days and have often wondered how the food is. When they were making it though, I saw that they just microwaved some of the food, so it probably wasn’t that good quality. The beer was very good though and my sore throat felt quite good after that, particularly after all the hard cycling and walking with the bike. There is some good news though – they’ve put a bicycle lane in on the way to the station, which is great! Now I have a bit more room to move.

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