Food festival

We went to the St. Maurs food festival yesterday, which is held every 6 months. I decided to take the bike and Evan was keen to start with. I reckoned we could get to Yamate from up the hill, as that’s the whole bluff area, but we ended up going full circle and Evan was complaining that he wanted to go home. Nevertheless, I persisted and we finally, after much mucking about, got to St. Maurs.
Evan saw his “girlfriend” there, Erica, Joanne’s daughter. We had lots of different types of food and met up with Michael and Ruth (from Germany and Equador) and Rebecca and Will (NZ and Ireland).

We started to make our way home and it suddenly poured down with rain (doshaburi desu) and by the time we got home on our bike, we were thoroughtly drenched. We quickly got our wet clothes off, hopped under a blanket and watched Thomas with a cup of hot chocolate.

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