First rugby game for the kids – Japan vs Canada

I stumbled across the information that Japan would be playing Canada in the footy this weekend, so we went to the game in Chichibunomiya in Tokyo.

The weather was absolutely brilliant – with perfect sun and not too much wind. It was actually so warm I was in a t-shirt for some of the game.

We had a brilliant spot – 5 rows from the front, right down the middle, in the sun.

Evan was really quite interested in the game, but Lauren wasn’t so interested. We bought lots of food from the stadium, and Nicole came just before half-time, but we all had a good time I think.

The Japanese team played well, beating the Canadians 27-6. Both teams are coached by New Zealanders, both sides having some Kiwis in the team playing!
At the end of the game, they a few kicked rugby balls into the stands, and Evan was keen to catch one, but they were all too far away. Then we met some of the players and got to shake their hands. We didn’t bring any pens for an autograph, but we took some photos with the Japanese team mates.

First we met Ryan Nicholas, an Australian-born Kiwi, who had a fairly good game.

Then we met Alisi Tupuailei, a Tongan-born Kiwi, who had a ripper of a game.

The kids were really chuffed meeting the rugby players and I think Evan will remember this game for a while.

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