Yunessun in Hakone

Since the kids had a day off on Friday, I also took the day off and we decided to drive out to Yunessun in Hakone, the big onsen we’d been to once before.

The day was a beautiful day, sunny and clear and cool. The trip out was really lovely and driving along the ocean was terrific. Even the kids were well behaved. We left the house just before 10am and got to Yunessun just before 1pm – a bit longer than we anticipated.

The autumn colours were out in full force and we had some terrific momiji views!

The kids had a great time going to all the different baths. The kids didn’t like the fish tank so much, Evan said the fish were biting him, but I thought it was pretty interesting!

The favourite baths seemed to be the coffee baths and the wine bath – the wine bath was my favourite. I remember another flower bath from last time, but they didn’t seem to have it this time.

Evan quite liked the dead sea bath, which was easy for us to float in.

The outdoor slide was great for Evan and Lauren managed enough courage to go down once, but I don’t think she enjoyed it too much! Evan and I had races to see who could get down the slide the quickest!

On the way home we stopped at Denny’s and had a nice dinner. The trip home was against traffic and I think we made it home in around 1.5 hours! Pretty good!

The family had a great time at the onsen – probably the last time we’ll be going there.

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