Shichi-go-san pictures 2009

I wanted to get one more set of shichi-go-san pictures before we left Japan, so we arranged for some photos on Saturday at 9:30am. It was so great seeing the kids all dressed up, and we decided to be part of the pictures this time as well.

It’s not very normal to have a 7-year old boy in the shichi-go-san pictures, so the kimono he wore was quite short – around 15cm on the arms short! But with the lower part of the kimono, it looked quite good in the end. There was a picture of a samurai helmet on the back, and the traditional Japanese wave on the front.

Lauren looked picture perfect as usual, and this time she had more hair to do things with, so the people at the studio did some really neat things with her hair and we were all set.

Here’s a youtube clip from the day:

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