Health check

A few weeks ago we did our mandatory health checks at a clinic here in Yokohama. It was a very interesting experience. We managed to find babysitters for the kids, so Nicole and I went to the health clinic to get it done. It’s a mandatory check for all employees in Japan and is very thorough. They have a dedicated centre just for the healthcheck, so the usual checks are done there.

They did all sorts of tests on us, from hearing and sight, to hear, bloodpressure, breath strength, and then some internals. The internal scan was very interesting – they asked us to drink some drink which had barium (varium?) in it and then they put us on this machine that moved us around in various positions, almost so that we were standing on our hands/head! It was very neat. In the end, we saw the shots our insides and they could see so much. The 3d pictures of our insides were so cool! I wish I could have had a copy of it!

I found out that I have a kidney stone, but in general, Nicole’s and my diagnostics were all normal. They also gave us all the stats on our body like blood pressure, iron level, different nutrients in blood and stool etc. It was so interesting. I took copies of all the info from the web, but it’s in Japanese, so it’s a bit difficult to read (for us). Nevertheless, a very cool experience!

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