I went to Korea for a business trip the other day just for the day. It was an interesting experience. The flight out there was very quick – only 2 hours on the way there, 1.5 on the way back. It’s almost as if one could go there just for the day. I had planned on being there just 1 day, but the flights etc were cheaper if I stayed 2, so I was there for 2. It was a busy time, meeting up with the customer and planning the next steps once finished.

I didn’t get to see anything of the city (apart from the taxi rides between customer visits) but that’s ok. It reminded me a bit of Japan. One thing that struck me as interesting was that on the way from the airport at midnight, there were lots of neon Christian crosses lighting up the night. I didn’t associate Korea with a strong Christian religion. Either that or the Korean Christians are more outspoken than the others (which could also be the case).
The day of the meetings was torrential downpour of rain and it was massively windy (more than Wellington even!) and I even saw the flags from the tops of the masts go flying away!

I did manage to get out to the stores before they closed at 9pm to get some souvenirs for the family. But the trip was a functional one, rather than a relaxing one!

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