I’ve signed up for a tennis tournament with Fumio in May. Last night we had a training session, which was great fun. It was really nice getting out there on the courts again. I didn’t do as badly as I expected and even was winning 2-0 at the beginning, but lost the game at 6-3. Oh well. The tournament is a fun tournament, which means there should be beginners to pros at the tournament. Should be fun! The tournament is a mix of local Japanese and Gaikokujin (foreigners) and there appeared to be mostly Americans in last year’s event, although I saw an Ausralian and 2 Canadians in the list. I’ve not seen any New Zealanders, so it might be a bit more international this year.

So last night Fumio, Yoshie and I went to the public courts around the corner and played a few sets. They put gravel-like stuff on the astro-turf here. Not sure if other places to that, but I found it a bit slippery. At the end, we all used the big rakes hanging up to straighten out the gravel, so it looked a bit like a Zen garden. I thought it was really clever that everybody cleaned up at the end and gave a useful way to warm down from the tennis! Very clever!

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