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Monday, April 10th, 2006

This weekend was very nice. I took the kids to Yokosuka on Sunday to see the military base and boats, but the queues were massive (couldn’t see the end of the queue) so we left it and wandered about Yokosuka. There are so many Gaikokujin in Yokosuka – they’re everywhere you look. We found a great park down by the water and there were so many families and kiddies about. Looks like people would set up a tent or blanket and bring the barbie or something, because there were families there that were all decked out!


Friday, April 7th, 2006

The Marshals have come and gone now, and it was really great having them around. Ilse and Cordi were great with the kids and both Lauren and Evan loved Cordi. Lauren could even say Cordi’s name, calling her “CoCo”, which was really sweet. They would often sit together and read a story or have breakfast together.

Last night the Marshals took us all to dinner at Shyabu shyabu, which was really great. Shyabu shyabu is a style of cooking, where a boiling pot of water is put in front of you and you cook your own food. The meat is sliced very thinly and only takes a few seconds to cook and vegetables and meat are cooked together. There’s usually carrots, glass noodles, big band soba noodles, mushrooms and tofu, and then the meat. They give you a mortar and pestal to grind up roasted sesame seeds and then add a yummy sauce to it. It’s soooo yummy. You then add the cooked food into the sauce and eat it over rice. So yummy!
The kids were quite naughty though, with Evan running amok for a bit, until we put him time-out in the washroom and made him smarten up. Luckily nothing got broken (they have rice-paper doors), and I think the Marshals had a good time.