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Cast of characters (special NON-alphabetized edition!)

"Main" characters

Gummy Nummy
Rusty the Cat
The cynical fish
Dr. Love
Excellent Man, a.k.a. E-Man
The Kid With The Big Head

"Minor" characters

Rusty's kids Sarah and Rex and ???
The strongest man in the world
Professor Clot and his dog Cuddle-Pie
MC Chad Chillout
Deer-head, the timeless defender of the crime sandwich and the physical embodiment of justice
Honda Civic Boy
Cotton Man
Captain Apocalypse, and his girlfriend Juicy
Super Cat
The Evil Pilot
Watunga the Snake God
Excellent-Man, a.k.a. E-Man
Good luck fairies
Bad luck fairies
The Yama Blues Trio - "Cool Daddy" Toyotomi, "Sweet Daddy" Ashikaga, "Smooth Daddy" Kamakura
Pumpkin-head and Squash-head, expert fortune tellers
Evil elves
The lawn blob
The guy with the mustache
Luigi and Cane, bodyguards
Barky the delusional dog
Freddy Bluejeans
Surfknees the shark
The Tartstomper brothers - Bart Tartstomper and ??? Tartstomper
The kid with the big head, a.k.a. Abe Lincoln
King Ralph
Skinny Pete
Brutus the knight
The dragon
Evil fairy master
Thoth, the Egyptian god of the moon and wisdom
Stinky, the hamster with dope rhymes
Dr. Love, plastic surgeon and evil genius
The sweaty cheese ball
The giant nose
Jack lizard
Larry lizard
Mr. Furley lizard
Sammy Slow-Sign
The Plumber
Pagik, the demon lord
Brutus, the rude flower
The Alliscaping alligators
Throbax and the sword of random bursts of flame
Cameron the weirdo
Marco the balancing dog
Mayor McCrumb
The Iron Skull
Seth and Greg and Ralphy, the crazy rabbits, and their gangs "the deadly amigos" and "the stegosauruses."
The big head aliens
The pirate barn owls
James R. Kroftman, the mean psychologist
Carl the Dog
Flame King
Lorry Lugs, the meanest lumberjack in the world
The evil eye
Mondragar, the one who makes his enemies ships sink to the bottom of the ocean
Grukamunga, the one who gives his enemies a good knock on the head
Ramtor, the pain bringer, a.k.a. Movie Buff, and Knucklehead
Gravity Bun
The Spirit Fish
Bug Guy
Hell and all its hordes
Janis Joplin, back from the dead
Lieutenant Deblois
Keith Gravel, skinny wrestler
Sammy the great white shark
Dog-faced defenceman
The Death 4000-2X typewriter
Robot Kung-fu Guys
Pants Man
Bandito Man
Cranium Boy
Bucky the Rat
Stu, who makes the world famous stew
The monster truck crusher and tractor pull competition fairy
Carl, who was born with sideburns like that guy in the Kentucky Headhunters
Moppy the Magical Mop
Mike Shadow, renegade cop, and his dog Rex
Lars the Viking
Lou, the last unicorn
Overlord Funsmell, the rookie powerhouse
Larry Kaminski
The Funk Master
Harry Kari, the Kung-fu closet beast
Robbie the mongoose
The lizard police
General Musclecock
Sparky Jeans, the KISS alien

not to forget the various anonymous and un-named clerks, thieves, ninjas, college boys, kings, dogs, demons, Vikings, aliens and other miscellaneous ethereal beings.

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Ralph Höflich
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