Lover loser

Memory’s fading, memories fading

We all writhe with the falling waves

Spurning the seething mission of gore

The thriving hate of ancient generations

we now see inside ourselves, eternally

The dithering shame of men and women wasted

Blasted upon sickened shores of blood spray

The sharpened hooves of our enemies clave

The lust of time-dead orgies of blind rage

Spitting, spewing the lost ogres of death fantasy

Here we hate freely and kill blindly

The pirates of souls’ hate know us well

We thrive on the day-by-day glow of bile

The heaving heat of crushing matter glows

Cresting waves wash us purely

All of our despair climaxes and collapses

Lover Loser

Blood leaking from the emerald eye

Spilling sparks form the centre of a black hole

We all fear the hate that burns our hearts

Blasted shores

Blasted shores

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