Suddenly in a corner

Act City the train words come

Blue cape mask bone button

Travellin’ on from Shin Yokohama

Young Flakes

Crossing guts, violent haircuts

Wiating to fight the burning people

Flame warriors of burning alcohol blood

Charting life, shaping destiny

Boring worlds pulling trauma inperfect temperatures

Fantastic control with wicked beauty

Rotten lip bad eye curling tail

Engage the final freakshow

Brain rotting under seven stars

Steal the idea and image

Brain sentence, the vulgar boatman

Another happy day

Umbrella catalogue – knives, scissors

Metal counter or vinyl basinette

Pollyanna Fontinelle Vesperbell

Words roll off the mind like tongue sex

Travelling half the country like hay boys

There’s no future without land

Thinking about the hidden beauty tees

Of foggy valleys running through

Hidden creater fundamentals

Sloshing suburban

Hidden underwater train stations

Entering the glorious sunny spot

Space toast

Space toast

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