Zen misses Michael

Today Zen was talking about Michael Jackson, talking about how sad he was that he had died. I think he’s sad that he missed out on the fame – that he didn’t know about Michael Jackson until he died, and then all the kids in the school started talking about him. Seems all the 7-year-olds in Singapore know who Michael Jackson was, even though they don’t know who Michael Jackson was.

We watched Star Wars Episode III tonight. I thought that Zen would be scared by what happened to Anakin, since until this moment Anakin has been his favourite character, but later he said that he hadn’t been scared. Actually, Naoko had been more scared (she said). When Darth Vader appeared, Zen went over to get our marvelous Darth-Vader-on-a-motorcycle toy and held onto it for a while. When I asked Zen what part of the story he liked the most, it was the part on Tatooine when the young Anakin first appears. I remember that part of the movie – when we were watching it, the kid came out and introduced himself to Padme, he says “hi there, my name’s Anakin Skywalker,” and Zen turned to me and said in a happy, surprised voice “Anakin!!” He also enjoyed the character of Watto, who is probably nobody’s favourite character (besides Zen’s). Kids, they say the funniest things.

Got a package from Matt today with some more CDs and DVds, including Afro Labyrinth and Yi Paksa (Epaksa/E-Pak-Sa). He does a couple of Komuro songs, as well as two by Okuda Tamio (Tamio!!!!!) and a Spitz song (“Cherry”).

By the way, Zen is a big fan of J-Pop band Arashi (so is his mum). Here is a video of him singing Arashi’s “Truth.”

Here is a pic of Zen with Darth Vader from a couple of years ago, and the pic of the infamous Darth-Vader-on-a-motorcycle toy.

Don't look now, Zen, but there's Darth Vader over your shoulder

Darth Vader on a motorcycle

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