Zen and Stimpy

last Christmas I made a book for Zen called “the Crazy Adventures of Zen and Stimpy.” Of course, it’s not too hard to guess who inspired it. Here are scans of the pages.

ZAS cover

Stimpy: Duhh… Zen, do you like my nose?
Zen: Yes, it’s so stinky! Poot poot…
ZAS 12

Zen: I can jump so high!!
Stimpy: Duhh… are you a frog?
Zen: No – I’m Zen!

Stimpy: Hey Zen, nice wheels!
Zen: Go away!
ZAS 23

Stimpy: Oh no – there’s two Zens!
Zen: Yes – and two Stimpys!! Hey! It’s not Stimpy! It’s a big dinosaur!!
Dinosaur: ROAR!!
ZAS 45

Stimpy: Hey, where’s my car:
Zen: I ate you car – poot pot!
Stimpy: Oh – you’re a naughty boy!
Zen: No – you are!
No you are! No YOU are! No YOU ARE! NO YOU ARE!! etc.

Stimpy: Hey – why are you touching my nose?
Zen: Because it’s so stinky!!
ZAS 67

Zen: Hey Stimpy – what are you looking at:
Stimpy: D’uhh… I’m just looking at…
…the END
ZAS 89

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