Zen is such an interesting kid, he often asks me very compelling questions, or tells me thought-provoking stories. “Papa, are people already inventing time machines? I want to be the inventor of the time machine. I will become a trillionaire. I also want to make a flying solar car. I have an idea of how to make it work whether it is sunny or rainy, you can park the car and it will go into the battery, and then later when it is rainy you can use the energy. But there is the problem of how I am going to make it. Papa, there are already solar energy flying machines, right?”

Zen often asks me to tell him stories about Jesus. He must hear a lot of this sort of stuff in school. Today he asked me if it’s possible for God to have more than one son, and he wondered if God had a son on an alien world as well as on Earth.

Zen invented a new word today: un-wonderful. “Your badminton serve is so un-wonderful.”

The other day when I came home from work, he said a really funny thing to me. He popped out of the bathroom suddenly and said “I am pleased to see you sir – or should I say… madame?” It was like something from the confrontation scene in a wacky detective story.

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