Hey guys,

Not so long since my last blog. Maybe I’m getting back into it again…

This weekend was okay. Friday I worked very late, took a cab home late with the lilies that I bought for Naoko for our wedding anniversary (see pic below). They had stunk up the whole office all afternoon, and they smelled the cab up nicely too. Stayed up a bit reading, and then went to sleep. Saturday Naoko didn’t need to go to work, Zen didn’t have Codomo Club Japanese lessons, so we chilled out, had breakfast, Zen went off to play with his friends, we did some tidying up, napped a while in the afternoon, at 6:30 headed out to Bar Bar on Bukit Timah road to eat burgers and drink beer. Zen was not in a good mood mostly, kind of grumpy from lack of sleep. We did a lot of reading and homework with him on the weekend. It was good, we got a lot done, but we didn’t go anywhere or do anything special.

Sunday was mostly spend taking care of homework things and stuff like that. Tried to watch Monsters Inc. in the evening, but nobody was interested. Naoko is watching Death Note, the Japanese film. Zen watched Pokemon. I had fun reading old Spiderman comics. I can’t believe I didn’t get anything accomplished this weekend.

But I did do one thing – I got Zen onto YouTube. Watch out!! So here he is singing the national anthem in Malay (which is, after all, the official national language).

Zen’s new haircut:
Zen haircut

Peter and Zen’s new haircut, with lilies

Peter and Zen haircuts, lilies

Cossack dancers performing at a party:
Cossack 01

Cossack 02

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