the Siamese banana

It was a quiet weekend, we didn’t do much: Zen had his softball and Japanese lesson and swimming lesson, one night we ate gelato, and we sat by the pool on Sunday drinking and chatting. On Sunday I got a haircut.

Oma and Opa came back from Bali on Thursday, so I quickly burned a DVD of the trip for them and we watched it Saturday night.

Saturday I went to IMM and finally got Naoko the green banker’s lamp that she had wanted for such a long time. Yay!

On Saturday morning, Zen and I went on a shopping expedition for his Bakugan toy and for bananas. We got the bakugan, and also a surprise when we looked at the bananas – two of them had been born joined at the seam. Conjoined twin bananas!

geeks going shopping

Bakugan and the co-joined banana

Siamese banana bunch

The “banana” with a regular one for comparison. Seems pretty ripe, we better eat it soon. I’m sure it will be yummy!
Siamese banana close-up

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