Strange people everywhere

Pretty sad New Year’s Eve, hanging out at home watching DVDs. But it’s better than being anywhere else, and nobody’s invited me to do anything. I fuckin’ hate New Year’s Eve. What a constant disappointment year after year. Why do people think they can have fun on New Year’s Eve and go to some great party? I was having my hamburger at some place on Bukit TImah Road tonight and I saw this one hot chick and her loser-looking boyfriend (he had shaved the sides and back of his head, and had a patch of wiry fuzz on the top of his head; I didn’t see what he was driving, but he probably had a lot of money), with her bitchy but hot-looking friend. The girlfriend was wearing short shorts and looked like a prostitute (but she probably wasn’t), and her friend was wearing a little black dress; they were talking about the short shorts girl’s low top, and the black dress girlfriend thought she should compensate by opening up one more button, and she had it that way for a while, showing quite a lot of her chest, but after a trip to the bathroom she came back with the button done up. Although she’s a whiner, she still needs to look classy. Prize case.

Later on, the girlfriend was whining about something, and seemed to be pouting about something that the boyfriend had said; the boyfriend stormed off after saying some immature shit, and then the hot chick and her bitchy friend were left to complain to each other about stuff. This is what life is. The city is full of weirdos, man, weird shit.

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