Softball hero Zen Hoflich!

Today Zen went to his first-ever competitive softball game.  He plays for the Coconuts, a Japanese Kids Softball League team in Singapore, and he loves it.  Since he’s among the youngest on the team, he couldn’t play regularly throughout (and maybe he doesn’t really know all of the rules either), but they did let him bat once in a game that the team looked like it wasn’t going to win – hey, they were down 11-2 and it was the last inning.  On the first pitch he hit a foul, then got a strike, then he hit the ball square into the outfield!  He ran to first, and the kid who had been on third base ran home to earn a point (Zen’s first RBI).  The next kid up at bat hit the ball but was tagged out at first, so Zen didn’t get a chance to earn a point on his own, but it was really good fun nonetheless.

Action replay:

The Mighty Coconuts in a pre-game huddle

Naoko also has a Coconuts t-shirt

Zen with his good friend Haku

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