Singing Opera

Wow, I just saw the most amazing YouTube video.  This is Susan Boyle singing on Britain’s Got Talent.  Just watching the looks on the judges face change from one of cynical amusement to genuine astonishment is, in itself, worth watching the video for.  Of course, it does seem a bit staged – did she audition, or is this the audition – and the debate over “why are we so shocked that someone homely-looking can actually sing is a legitimate one, but try to watch this without shedding a tear nonetheless.  The YouTube link is an internet sensation – the New York Times reported on April 17th that it had 21 million hits, and when I watched it on April 18th it had well over 22 million.  Interesting how they’ve disenabled comments – there’s probably been an obnoxious overflow of things people want to say about all this.

Of couse, they discovered a similar talent a few years ago – Paul Potts.

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