Singapore Twenty Dollar bill S$20

Wow, when I bought beers on Friday night at the Prince of Wales, the waitress gave me my change that included a Singapore twenty dollar bill. I’ve never seen one before in my six years living in Singapore and I think they’re quite rare. There’s a yellow-breasted sunbird on one side, and a concorde with Singapore Airlines livery on it taking off, with a view of Changi Airport below. Apparently, Singapore Airlines never owned a concorde but had rights to paint the livery on the port side (the left side when looking from back to front) of a British Airways concorde due to some agreement to bring the bird out to Asia. If this was true for every craft (I don’t know how many had this livery), then the depiction on the bill is incorrect, as it shows the livery on the starboard side.

The view of the Singapore skyline on the front is quite old, with the buildings quite widely spaced apart.

Here are some pics of the bill:
Singapore S$20 bill with yellow-breasted sunbird
Singapore S$20 bill with Singapore Airlines concorde

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