Scott Pilgrim vs the World



Scott Pilgrim vs the World – Nice/stupid little movie, significant mainly because it’s a Hollywood movie filmed in Toronto that describes itself as taking place in… Toronto? Wow… when has that ever happened before?!?!? Besides showing the Toronto skyline and referencing Toronto (and describing people as Canadian or American), it’s funny/awesome to note that one of the concerts in the film takes place at Lee’s Palace!! There’s reference to a film set, “they make movies in Toronto?!?” It’s also nice to see Pizza Pizza joints in the film. Funny dialogue:

I’ve never even kissed a boy.
Me neither.

I’m a big fan.
Ha ha – why wouldn’t you be?

All of our shows are secret shows.

You cocky cock – you will pay for your crimes against humanity!

What’s the “L” word?
The other “L” word?
No, it’s “love”, you dimwit.

I’m in lesbians with you.

Good music, nice band performances and music dynamic. Cool names, like Knives Chao. Bad plot, stupid action scenes, retarded video game element to the film, and the swift editing grates a bit with its insipid cleverness. Oh well. Watching the extras, you get 22 minutes of alternate scenes, including an ending where he doesn’t get the girls. Oh well. At least Ramona is very cool, even if Scott isn’t.

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