Royal wedding

I had a funny conversation with Naoko and Zen this morning:

Peter: (facetiously) Hey, someone very famous got married yesterday, do you know about it?
Naoko: Really?  Who?
Peter: You mean you don’t know?  It was big news.
Zen: Ohno from Arashi!
Peter: No, it was someone very, very famous.
Naoko: Are they young?
Peter: Of course they were young!
Zen: Justin Bieber?
Peter: How can he marry – he’s only 17 years old!
Naoko: Which one is more famous, the bride or the groom?
Peter: Well, the groom is much more famous than the bride, I’d say.
Naoko: Can you tell me what nationality?
Peter: The UK.
Zen and Naoko (together): Mr Bean??

Naoko finally guessed it, but it was a pretty funny conversation.

I had heard that this wedding thing was coming, but I didn’t realise that yesterday was the big day.  Then, in the late afternoon at work, some of my colleagues in the sales department were watching the royal wedding broadcast live on the internet and talking about it.  It irritated me, because I was hard at work putting a magazine together, and I was wondering why these people weren’t selling ads! Losers.

Last night I got on the internet and checked out the pictures. Weird to see all of these people in their cosplay clothes. Oh, that’s right – that’s not cosplay, that’s their real clothing. But the hats – the hats were very strange.  It’s like saying “ooohhh… look at me… I have a weird hat… look at me… I’m important, see, I’ve got a weird hat… ooh, look at me – give me some attention, I have a weird hat.” And then there was William’s bald spot.  Poor kid – only 28 and already about 50% bald. I guess now that he’s married he can really let himself go. Weird to think that he was once a heart throb (even weirder to think that Charles was once a heart throb, but those were different times, and everybody’s young once).

I remember 30 years ago being on my parents’ boat, tied up to a dock at an island somewhere in the St Laurence River, fishing for perch while they watched Charles and Diana’s wedding on a little black and white TV inside the boat. I was disinterested then, and I’m disinterested now, but at least it’s all good for a laugh. I hope William and Kate’s pairing turns out better than Charles and Diana’s did.

And so, here’s a picture from Naoko and my wedding of 14 years ago. Enjoy.

The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding

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