Rock ‘n’ roll weekend

Good weekend – we finished our EP!!!! I went for a 6 kilometer jog on Saturday morning, 12 kilometers Sunday morning. Awesome!!! But that is hardly the best news – the best news is that Saturday we laid to rest our EP! It’s DONE!!!!! Four songs, and all of them sound awesome. Now we have to think about marketing them. I can’t wait until the day we get our first gig based on someone hearing our songs!

Big bad news – my computer crashed and I lost all of my data. Yes, it finally happened to me too. Luckily I made a backup of my most vital stuff over the last few weeks, so it’s all safe. Yay. But I still have to re-learn my applications and re-learn how to use things, lots of things don’t work the way they should. Big bummer, man…

Sunday we went out for a benefit concert, hoping to play. Only the drummer and me could go, so we hoped to pick up a guitarist and a bass player willing to play songs that we knew. That didn’t happen exactly, but we had a good time, made new friends, and heard some great music! We should have showed up later, but that’s okay. I hope Baby Nur, who we were all raising money for (each member of my band put in $20 each) will be okay.

I also wrote a song. My company wants a song on water conservation, so I gave it some thought over a few days and came up with something! I used the simplest of chords, and it sounds great! This morning as I was jogging the lyrics came to me, and so did the melody (although by the time I got around to playing it I’d forgotten how to play it – never mind, at least I had the words).

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