Rainbow in the sky

Went to the park yesterday, and saw something amazing – when we looked up in the sky just before noon, we saw a rainbow, in a U-shape, underneath the sun.

Last night Naoko and Zen and I watched The Lightning Thief, which is a recent film based on the book, published in 2005, called Percy Jackson and the Olympians Part 1: The Lightning Thief. The book is not bad – it rips off Harry Potter a fair bit, and gets its inspiration otherwise from Greek mythology, so no need to invent anything there either, but it is a fun piece of work for kids to enjoy, and Zen loves the story. I read the book to him for a while, so that he could understand the plot better, and also so that he could understand what was going on with the Greek gods, but now he loves the story as his own.

I didn’t find the film better than the book, simply because it trimmed out so much (good and bad) from the original tale. Here’s a list of the characters that the film didn’t include:

  • Thalia (a late-era daughter of Zeus)
  • Ares, God of War
  • Clarice (a late-era daughter of Ares)
  • Two of the three Furies (the film depicts one, the book introduces all three)
  • Nancy Bobofit, a bratty prep school girl
  • a zebra, a lion and an antelope
  • a poodle
  • Procrustes (a.k.a. Crusty, the waterbed salesman)
  • Echidna
  • Chimera
  • Kronos
  • Dionysus
  • the Oracle
  • the Fates
  • … not to mention Hades’ Helm of Darkness

That’s quite a few characters. Ares and Kronos are actually central to the book’s plot, so as the books get filmed the divergence from the plot is going to become hard to keep up with, since Kronos is this series’ Voldemort, but I care more for the book than the film. Another thing that is a bit odd is that the gods are a bit more “dad-like” and “mom-like” than they are in the book, where they are just as aloof about the actions of their offspring as you’d imagine an immortal would be

Interestingly, the film does introduce two characters that the book doesn’t, namely Hydra and Persephone, the latter of which provides great comic entertainment. The film also has a lot of fun with Medusa (and her head), played by Uma Thurman, that isn’t really alluded to in the book.  And there’s also something else that is interesting – while it seems that the film doesn’t deal with Sally Jackson’s loathsome husband (Percy’s step-dad Gabe Ugliano, played by Joe Pantoliano of Matrix/Memento/Sopranos) in the movie, there’s a secret scene in the middle of the credits where they do just that).

But Zen liked it a lot. He even blogged about it today, which was good fun. And that’s what really counts.

The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief

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