P-p-p-primate power!

Hey, another day, another blog. Not much to report, except a little thing that happened to me on Tuesday morning. I was waiting at the bus stop when i noticed that there were about 30 monkeys at the bus stop across the street! They waited for breaks in traffic and then they headed on over to the other side in waves of 1-5 monkeys or so. I got a few good pics.

Today Zen had his “lantern festival” day at school. They stayed longer, were given a dinner, and then did lantern activities. We went there at 7:45 to collect Zen and to see him walk around the school. That was nice.

Zen bought two books: the WALL*E novelisation, and “The Mummy With No Name – A Geronomo Stilton book.” Zen does a great impression of EVE from the movie.



Zen’s books



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