Oma and Opa on the A380

I woke up with a start. It was 5:50 sharp. I immediately brushed my teeth…

It was great to have a long weekend. Friday we were only supposed to have a half day at work, but I worked until 4:00 anyway. I went to the Renaissance Hotel head shops looking for big heavy metal crosses, but unfortunately I didn’t find any. Booo!!! I did but the new Rudra CD, though. Friday night we had a nice dinner and chilled out, drinking gin and tonics. Yay.

Saturday we chilled out all day, reading, tidying, and I finished my long Tintin review of all of the books. Whew! I made it a new project to dig up Zen’s old Lego toys and put them back together again – they’d been sitting in a state of disrepair ever since we moved house at the end of August and I knew that Zen would enjoy “rediscovering” his toys. In the afternoon, Naoko and Zen went to his Japanese lessons, and then mum and dad and I went downtown by bus. We met them in front of the botanical garden gate and went for a night stroll through the botanical garden. It was pretty dark. Zen got very tired, so we only went in to where the orchid garden is, and then came back out. In the evening we sat around talking and drinking gin and tonics and I played the guitar. Nice.

Sunday we chilled out all day, reading, building Legos, and relaxing. I started to get really into “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and read a bunch of that. Great stuff, although the pacing is a bit slow. No explosions or assassination attempts yet, but they’re sure to come. Went down to the Shop and Save to get some more tonic water, the streets were empty with barely any cars, it’s because it’s the first day of Chinese New Year and a lot of people were doing family stuff in their homes. Had a nice swim in the afternoon, then a great big feast of cordon bleu. In the evening we went to hang out at the poolside and drank gin and tonics, but didn’t stay too long as Zen was quite tired.

Monday – Happy Chinese New Year! We get two days off work, Monday and Tuesday. Zen was a bit feverish, so he stayed at home all afternoon. Naoko and I went to Courts to see about buying a small CD player so that she could listen to Arashi in the kitchen, but the ones Courts stocked were pretty lousy. Had a coffee with Naoko, then headed back home to chill out some more.

Tuesday, got up at 5:50 to see Oma and Opa off, they were heading back to Canada. Their flight from Singapore to Hong Kong is in an A380, it must have been exciting. After they took a taxi, we started tidying up the apartment a bit, did some reading, took a nap. Nice quiet breezy day. In the afternoon I went off to Yishun to hang out with my band’s guitarist Mark to practice a few songs, that was pretty cool. I learned a few guitar parts, and will hopefully make myself more useful in our songs. “Paranoid”, “Supernaut”, “Children of the Grave,” and maybe a few more. I don’t want to think about work, but it’s coming – tomorrow!

Here’s a picture of Oma and Opa with Zen!
Oma and Opa and Zen in Singapore

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