nice weekend

Hey, it seems I haven’t written my blog in… a week. Not too bad.

The week was busy, with Mum and Dad going back to Canada on Monday. Thursday I went to visit Zen’s school to see the teaching materials and chat with the teachers. Found out that they never have guests to talk to the kids, so I’m thinking of going in and demonstrating guitar stuff, even though I can’t really play well. Still, it should impress the four-year-olds. Friday I went to my lesson, very tired – by the end of the class I gave up following the reading, I was too pooped. At the bus stop, the buses were so full the front door didn’t open, just the back to let passengers off. After I missed one bus like that, I hopped in the back door of the next one. Seems like this is the right thing to do – when people don’t move from the front to the back, there’s space in the middle that could fit new boarders. I bet there’s a scale on board for the driver to know how full the bus is (or he can even feel it by how hard the bus is to drive). Anyway, I think I’ll try this from now on. Saturday I took Zen to the mall to buy a birthday present for his school buddy, then in the afternoon went to the friend’s house to hang out. The birthday boy’s dad is Canadian and his mum is Japanese, just like Zen. There were some nice kids and parents there – one Japanese mum with her two boys, and a Korean couple with their son. We went outside later to play in the playground and had a lot of fun. Nice. Sunday we went to MacRitchie Reservoir and rented a 3-person kayak. It was good fun paddling around. And in the evening, off to the Malaysia train.

Kayak Zen

Zen Kayak

Zen banana

Zen jump

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