My 15 minutes of fame

What a busy week – I left every morning for work at 7:00, often coming home after 9:00. Just too busy. Yuping was here since last Thursday, it was nice to have her come visit again, and Zen even spoke a little Chinese with her. Funny – we will see her again next week when we go to Taiwan!
I got mentioned in a magazine recently, that was quite interesting.  Check out the link here.

Peggy came to see us again tonight, we haven’t seen her in ages.  She’s a big girl now.

How nice!

Zen is almost as tall as Peggy


Recently I had a lot of fun uploading my old Osaka concert videos to YouTube. Check out these playlists:

Dave Wesson:

Half Japanese:

Kansai Bangladesh Charity Concert:

Nagisa Ni te:

TEEM (two shows):

Tripod Jimmy:

Ultra Bide:

Ultra Fuckers (three shows):



A few more stray clips, such as Love Or Die, are up at My Videos, go to Surferofromantica at YouTube.

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