MegalomaniA, international touring band

Well, it’s official – MegalomaniA has played its first overseas gig. We headed up to Kuala Lumpur on July 6th by bus, stayed overnight at the friend of our drummer’s place, had great seafood, then on Sunday we headed to the gig hall. Our set was around five o’clock, the fourth of 10 bands to play that afternoon and evening. We did a great job, totally blowing the audience away. We got great comments from our peers afterwards by Facebook:

we really enjoyed your set! it’s like being in a real sabbath gig minus the props and all.. \m/

Megalomania rocked harder! We were practically blown away by your uncanny resemblance of Ozzy, Peter Hoflich! \m/

You guys rocked so hard that you ought put Black Sabbath run for their money! Woohoo!”

Hey what’s up Peter. Megalomania totally killed it the other day.

you are rock peter….

Here’s the full set of four songs: “Into The Void”, “Children Of The Grave”, “NIB” and “Iron Man”.

Here’s a highlight song – “Children Of The Grave”, showing the headbangers in full groove:

Here’s another highlight – “NIB” with a bit of moshing going on. Oh Lord yeah!!

After our set, we had some food and drinks, then I stuck around until it ended at 10:30 or so. All of the bands were great, some better than others. The audience engagement was pretty good, and the later bands had just a bit more than our band had due to the evening “party time” feeling.

Here’s another band that played that day, they are called Instake:

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