Me on See Yen Be Sea

Pete, the talking head.
See yen be sea

Here’s a nice clip of Zen reading Chinese. Oma and Opa also get a chance to show off some of the Chinese that they’ve learned in Singapore. Mum seems to prefer localised tongues like Hokkien and Cantonese, while dad is more academic with his Mandarin.

Here’s an amazing clip. I manage to separate a banana from his cojoined brother. It was a tricky bit of surgery, but the two now-separate bananas are now living happy, completely separate existences.

Here’s my newest playlist: FM’s “Black Noise” release. This is the band that featured Nash The Slash.

The young Bowie was so amazing! “All the tall short people/ all the fat skinny people”

Someone’s messing with David and Kurt. Very funny!

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