Lost two kilos

Wow, I can’t believe it, I lost two kilos in an afternoon!

What happened this weekend.  Saturday morning Zen and I had a lot of fun practicing pitching and catching, we also kicked the soccer ball around a bit.  Zen is getting better at pitching and catching (and so am I), but he needs more help with his kicking of the soccer ball (he just started his soccer class recently).

Zen went to his art class and he drew a nice picture of people at an aquarium. His teacher gave him an A+, the first time he’s ever gotten one. He was very proud.

Today we went to the softball practice. It was bloody roasting hot, hotter than I ever remember it.  I was sweating like some sort of wild animal, and when I got home I found that I had sweat off about two kilograms. That’s a lot. But no cause for concern – we ordered pizza and drank it with beer, and I’m sure to have most of it back on by tomorrow morning.

I learned how to play Black Sabbath’s “Supernaut” this afternoon. Can’t believe how easy it is to pick through. If you have a wah pedal it sounds really awesome.

Zen with his new glasses

Zen with his new glasses


Zen got an A+ for this picture, he was so proud.


This is one of my favourite Zen pictures.





This is a Chinese New Year drawing.

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