Long time no post

Last week was very busy. I don’t remember everything, but I think I stayed at work late a few days. Friday I got home early because Yuping was showing up. We cancelled our going away party for one of our staff because not enough people could show up (travelling, sick, with guests) so it was fun – we ate lasagna, drank beer, and chatted.

Saturday Naoko went off to work, Yuping and Zen and I took the bus to Little India and wandered around, went to Mustafas, Yuping was searching for a change purse. Nice. We went to Khansama to eat lunch, then a taxi home so that Zen could go to sleep, and he said that he was so tired when we got out of the taxi, but then he didn’t sleep for an hour – silly boy. When he got up, Naoko was home and we went off for a picnic at West Coast Park, which isn’t such a great park but it has lots of fantastic play areas for kids. The picnic was fantastic,although it was dark just soon after we got there. We hung out – Yuping and Naoko chatted while Zen and I kicked the soccer ball, or hung out at the jungle gym.

Sunday it was a rainy morning, although it cleared up around 10:30, so we went off to Clementi to do a bit of shopping and hanging around before lunch at one of the hawker centres. Went home, Zen slept, Yuping swam, Naoko and I chilled out, then in the evening Naoko went off to a farewell party for a colleague, while Zen and Yuping and I went off to eat Indian food (again) on Upper Bukit Timah Road. Luckily, we saw two trains pass by, it was very nice. Then we went off by another taxi to the Night Safari. Boy, we took a lot of taxis this weekend. Got there, bought tickets, went in, took the tram around, saw tarsiers and tapirs, barybusa and mountain deer of the Nepalese rain forests. Also some lovely bull elephants and tigers, hyenas, and all sorts of other night creatures. Zen was too spooked to walk along the paths, so we took in the show. It was your usual hyped up thing with not so much great stuff, although there was some educational side to it – they made fun of a guy who seemed to have brought his pet snake to the zoo show (he was clearly an actor), and was then mocked for buying exotic pets to keep in his HDB apartment. Happens enough I suppose – there are plenty of Singaporeans eccentric enough to keep tapirs and barybusa in their 3-room HDB apartments – but it was a bit tiresome for the rest of us. Went out, and saw a very sexy stage show of young Bornean men and women dancing around spinning flaming torches, then breathing fire – yes, the women too!! Very nice. Got home late, slept.

Monday was an OK day, went out afterwards to karaoke with my departing colleague and a few others, it was a lot of fun. We sang songs by Wu Bai, ABBA, the Carpenters, Nathalie Imbruglia, Gloria Gaynor, Black Sabbath, Celine Dion, and all sorts of other fun stuff!!

A picture taken in Mustafas. This dummy looks like someone I know…

Peter and his clone

Yuping and I in Little India

Zen took this picture of Yuping and Yuting at the Khansama restaurant

Zen in Little India

We took a picture of Zen at the Khansama restaurant

Our Little India food

Indian food at Khansama restaurant

Zen in action

Zen running with snake

Zen with rambutan 1

Rambutan Zen

Zen with rambutan 2

Rambutan Zen

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