Hard work paying off

I knew that Thursday the 12th was going to be a special day, although I knew it would also be a long one – lots of stuff to do on my last day of work before six days off in Taiwan. The reason why I thought it would be special was because as I was walking towards the exit gate from the complex where I live a squirrel bounded across my path, hopping from one cluster of bushes on my left across the lane to another cluster of bushes on my right. This might not seem so unusual, but on Tuesday the exact same thing happened at almost the exact same time of the day. Weird, right? Like something out of a Murakami Haruki novel. And so… what significance might it have?

As it turns out, later that day a registered letter arrived with my first-ever royalty cheque! Yee haw!!! It’s not for a fortune, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

And to prove it, here’s a picture of the cheque and the letter that came with it (the happy guy in the middle is me).  Awesome. Amazing!!

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