Happy Hallowe’en

Hey, another happy Hallowe’en. Got Zen dressed up in his vampire costume and took him to school. Today was a pretty relaxed day at work – there have been a few recently, I’m happy – and I left at about 6:10, rushed home, got there at 7:00, just in time to take Zen to the playground for the rendezvous with the Japanese kids for the en-groupe trick-or-treating. Lots of kids dressed in black like devils, demons, and ghosts. The little girls were mainly vixens and she-demons. Lots of pitchforks and skulls. Scary! Here is Zen in his costume.

Zen cape
Zen cape 2

Kind of looks like Eddie Munster, doesn’t he?
Eddie Munster 1

Zen and Akane:
Zen and Akane

Eddie Munster and Woof Woof. See the resemblance?
Eddie Munster 2

We also played with cool sparklers!!
Zen Hallowe'en fireworks

Zen Grrr...

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