Happy Birthday Danella

Another week gone by. Last week was quite gloomy somehow, not much fun at work, very quiet, I got home early most nights. Naoko and Zen were still sick a bit still this week, so it wasn’t so fun. Everybody always went to sleep early, I worked late some nights, other nights I was just too worn out and went to sleep around 11 as well. I lost a bit of weight, and am down below 77, five kilos less than my top weight, which is interesting. Next week promises to be more interesting, and there’s a national holiday on Thursday, so that should be fun.

Tonight Zen and Naoko and I went to one of our favourite places to eat downtown. I picked up my guitar from repairs (no charge – that’s always nice) and went to eat. Sitting in that restaurant I was just so happy, not quite sure why but I just felt great. Thought about my friend Danella – the 26th was HER actual birthday, and we were celebrating my belated birthday on it, how funny. Wanted to go to one or two places afterwards for drinks, but Zen was so pooped. We were in a bus home by 20:00, and he fell asleep almost right away. He was a good boy almost all day today, which was fantastic. He did a lot of studying and has done a great job in math and English reading and spelling.

Naoko and I did something unusual tonight – we watched a DVD called “Keeping Mum.” I’d never heard about it, but it was pretty good.

Sunday was mellow. Did homework with Zen in the morning, did housework, ate lunch, showered, then headed out to “Boat Asia”, which was in Keppel Bay marina. There was an exhibit, and we went onto four boats that were “grounded” for viewing, also walked around and saw little booths. Then went over to the marina itself to see boats that were in the marina, stayed there from 2:30 to 4:00. The sun blazed down hotter than I’ve ever felt it before, amazing. Most of the boats were really huge and amazing in side. Of course, I couldn’t imagine what I’d do with one if I owned it, especially with the cost of fuel so high. I like not owning a car or a fuel-burning device, and plan to keep my carbon footprint small as long as I can. Went home around 4:30, got Zen ready for his swimming lesson, then had a yummy pizza dinner. This was one of the best pizzas Naoko has ever made, and it tasted even better with beer.

Captain Zen!
Boat Asia 2008

Captain Zen again!!
Boat Asia 2008

Peter and Zen pretending they are boat owners!!!
Boat Asia 2008

DVD Review


Keeping Mum – A strange combination of “Mrs Doubtfire” and “Serial Mom,” and it’s about a murderous mum coming back into the lives of long-lost family members. Odd casting Kirstin Scott-Thomas as the mum of teenage kids and the wife of a country vicar. Patrick Swayze is in the film in a horrible, cheezy role (he’s 55 years old!!), there’s Rowan Atkinson, and also Maggie Smith, best known as Professor McGonnagall in the Harry Potter films. The final scene is a killer. A very clever, interesting comedic film, but still nothing really new.

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