Great (Sun)day

Had a great Sunday today. Got nearly everything done that I wanted to. I went to sleep at 10:30 last night, so I got nearly nine hours of sleep, quite a rare thing for me ever. Naoko and Zen went to a (crappy) garage sale, and I got to work. Had a lunch, did some writing, and Zen didn’t nap but played quietly by himself. In the morning he read “Green Eggs and Ham,” his first time to read that by himself. It was tough going, but he managed to get through it. Then he did some Japanese study, which went well too. He was very well behaved today, often playing quietly by himself. I got to writing, and I just finished my goal when it was time to go off to the swimming lesson. I did a bit of swimming, a bit of reading, and enjoyed the day. Very pleased to spend a day with my family, getting things I need to do done, and tidying up and “normalising” my life. I wrote another 3,000 words in the novel, and if I can do another 1,000 tonight I will have 90 percent of the thing done, with just the 10,000 final denouement to go. Great!

Zen was playing on the Bob The Builder website tonight and he discovered that there’s a German mirror site. So he selected that and we got to hear the Bob The Builder theme song in German. I think Zen is quite truly international – it doesn’t matter to him whether the Bob The Builder website he clicks on is from the U.S.A., Canada, the U.K., Germany or Japan, he pretty much doesn’t care. Interesting…

Some pics of our haircuts:

haircut 1

haircut 100

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