Busy week, kinda, as I got a personal project finished, nice, finally. I also started my Japanese lessons on Friday the 12th. The lesson started at 19:15 and went to 20:00 or so. The teacher has this machine-gun comedian delivery which I find bewildering, but it should help me to actually learn a bit of Japanese so that I can pass my Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 2 (level 1 is the highest) this December. Yay!

Yesterday I ordered some CDs from Amazon, can’t wait for them to get in:

Sunn0))) and Boris – “Altar”
Isis – Oceanic
Boredoms – “Seadrum/House of Sun”
Godflesh – “Messiah”
Jesu – “Jesu”
Led Zeppelin – DVD collection

Last night my friend Robert and I headed out to Wala Wala in Holland Village to check out the band there, great stuff. Once again they played “War Pigs,” great stuff. They also played “Pour Some Sugar On Me” and “the Immigrant Song” and a bunch of other fun songs.

Naoko and Zen are still in Japan, but they will be coming back to Singapore soon. Can’t wait – they’ve been gone nearly three weeks.

In Singapore, the word “cum” is used often in the way a slash would. “We went to the parking lot cum rollerblading area,” where someone else would write “we went to the parking lot/rollerblading area.” This leads to some embarassing signs and emails.

cum drop 1

cum drop 2

By the way, check out this old Flock Of Seagulls video to see one of the worst haircuts in the history of the planet.

I know it’s not hip to like the band, but I think that Flock of Seagulls really did have decent songs. And bad hair.

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