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You’ve been warned – headaches can STIKE ANYWHERE!!!!!!

I sometimes get headaches in my butt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be prepared... headaches can strike anywhere!

Be prepared... headaches can strike anywhere!

How about this slogan: “Don’t put up with the present.” Not only do I hate someone telling me what to do, but I wonder why someone would tell me to live in the past… or to live in the future. How does that make any sense? And yet, some bozo spent a lot of money paying some other bozo to dream up this senseless stringing together of English words.

Will the phrase "Don't put up with the present" sell more cars?

Here’s a classic from Reebok: The Sport of Fitness. That’s like saying “the silence of tranquility” (and vice versa), or “the novelty of news”, or “the rapidity of speed”. I really don’t know whether to shit or go blind.

Someone must be taking the piss.

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