back from Hong Kong

Hey, another week gone by, and another chance to enjoy the weekend with my family and update the blog.

The week gone by was a pretty busy one. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were your usual busy days at work. Nothing unusual, except that I started to have lots and lots of strange IT hiccups – my new cell phone (from my brother) wouldn’t charge, my MD walkman’s batteries seemed to be running out of energy when I had just recharged them, and my AA-size battery recharger needed over 24 hours to recharge them. Weird. But happily they have been resolved now. I worked until late on Wednesday night, went to sleep at midnight, packed for my Hong Kong trip, and went to sleep at Midnight. Woke up at 4:15 on Thursday morning, went to the airport by taxi, checked in, had a lousy breakfast in the airport, got on the plane, took off. Some time after take-off, we found out that there was a medical emergency on the flight, and we were turning around and flying back to Singapore. Got there, medics came aboard, and a shaky old man was led off of the flight with his unhappy family in tow. Seemed like he had passed out after take-off and couldn’t be revived, although when he returned to Singapore he came to. Scary. We refuelled and took off, I had a lousy lunch, tried to sleep a bit, got to Hong Kong, took the train into town, yum yum yum. Met up with two colleagues, went to eat 2:30 half-price dim sum. The restaurant was empty, service was way slow, and most of the food wasn’t so great. Good thing it was half price! Had meetings from 6:30 to 11:30, went out for food again at midnight. This place was very cheap and very yummy, much better than lunch. Great! Went to sleep after 1:00. Friday was our event, got up at 5:45, had breakfast, reported for duty at 7:00. The event ran all day, and it went really well. I met a lot of bankers, we saw presentations, gave out awards, I did interviews, collected material, and had a pretty good time. Everything was over around 11:00. We got changed, met up in the lobby at 11:30 or so, went to the Intercontinental for drinks. I had an over-priced beer, watched the opening World Cup match of Germany vs. Costa Rica, watched the two attractive Thai individuals near us flirt with funny-looking people in the pub. I’m positive the one with the big breasts was a guy (the shoulders and wrists were a give-away), but I’m pretty sure the other one was a real woman. Got back to the room, had a beer, went to sleep. Got up at 6:45, had breakfast with my roommate who had gone out to meet friends of his own and ended up drinking Chivas Regal until past 3:00. Showered, packed, dressed, met in the lobby at 8:30, went to the airport by taxi – would have taken the train but we heard that flooding on the tracks had delayed the airport express. Flight back was uneventful, just hung out, had a good time, and Naoko and Zen met me at the airport. A happy reunion, we went back home, Zen was nearly falling asleep to take a nap but Xavier came over to play with him and then no nap, he justt played a lot and had a good time. In the evening we watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on DVD. It was a bit scary for Zen, but he pulled through and watched all of it. Went to sleep late, though, 10:30. I got to sleep at midnight, very tired. Sunday I did a bit of work on my DVD of the Japan trip, set it off to burn, hope that works well. Zen and I went for a swim, then had lunch, and now he’s sleepying. Sleep…

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