A movie with Zen

Today Zen and I went to see Despicable Me. We took a cab to the theatre, because the last few times we’ve been there they had a queue of 45 minutes (yes, even at 9:45 in the morning, and it made us late for the movie we had come to see, which started at 10:15). But this time there was no queue at all, and we had to kill time for over 30 minutes. Oh well, no big deal.

We sat in our seats in aisle I, Zen was in seat 8, I was in seat 7. I asked Zen “what is your seat number,” he said “I-8″, so I said, “oh, really, what did you eat?” Like “I ate”. Ha ha ha ha…

The movie was pretty good. I didn’t really enjoy the character of Gru, who’s sort of like Finster from the Addams Family – he’s really no Shrek, or Woody from Toy Story, or anything like that – but somehow the incidents of the film were charming, and Zen just cracked up over the minions, these yellow capsule creatures. I also really liked the three orphan girls who wander into the movie, especially the responsible older one. But the most amazing experience for me in the film was listening to Zen’s joy and laughter over the film, and watching the big smile all over his face when I peered over, than the movie itself.

But there are genuine tear-jerker scenes – they are not won cheaply, as there is no scene when one of the three little girls begins sobbing – and the director somehow manages to achieve emotions the hard way, and there’s a lot of credit to him for that. You really do being to finally like Gru by the end of the movie, and for some very creative reasons.

For adults like me, there were two laugh-out-loud funny moments:

- when Gru goes for a supervillain loan, he goes to “The Bank of Evil (formerly Lehman Brothers)
- the Godfather take-off scene (trust me – it’s not what you’d expect)

Make sure you check out the movie, it’s a lot of fun.

After the movie we went from Bukit Batok to Clementi for lunch. On the way over, we saw a girl wearing a t-shirt that said “I got me two boyfriend” (that is not a typo – the t-shirt really did say “boyfriend”). She was sitting next to some guy that looked like he may be one of her two boyfriends, but she was mainly looking at her cell phone. Nearing the transfer point, the guy got up and went to wait at the exit, so I thought to myself “okay, that not one of her boyfriend.” Then as we were quite close to the stop, she got up and joined him and actually talked to him, so I realised “okay, that is one of her boyfriend.” How weird. I wish I could have taken a picture of her.

We went to Clementi and ate burgers at Botak Jones American Food, where we ate and watched the rain. We had wanted to buy a clown fish for Zen for his aquarium, but the shop there that usually sells clownfish didn’t have any in stock. Disappointment, but we’ll try again later.

Went home, napped, it rained outside, I tried to do some work (so difficult), and then we had dinner, and for a change played games after dinner. We played Black Peter, Uno, and a Japanese card game called “shichi narabe”, and I won every time. Naoko usually came in second and Zen usually lost. Last we played the monkey game, and from the start I was totally losing, with more than half of the monkeys already near the start of the game. Talk about a total collapse! Eventually, Naoko won that game. One weird thing about the game is that the orange sides came up more often than the green or pink sides, I have no idea why.

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