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Avengers Assemble

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012



All right, Avengers! Today Zen and I went to check out the latest Marvel movie (yes, that’s right – we weren’t watching the British TV series or the horrible 1998 film version on DVD). This was the latest superhero movie, and it was pretty damn cool. Why?

- the dialogue was great, including a very clever scene with Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Hotts
- the action was pretty good
- they actually did something interesting with the Black Widow (she uses her braaaaaain!)
- several majorly laugh-out-loud funny bits that showed that the film doesn’t take itself too seriously

Other things were less thrilling

- Loki
- Hawkeye
- uninteresting villains’ invincible army
- hard to care about the third Bruce Banner in a row (after Eric Bana and Edward Norton)

Still, easily a highly recommended film all around. And what’s better yet, things bode well for Avengers 2 – the final scene hints that it will be all about a confrontation with Thanos. Wow, finally a seriously cool Marvel villain gets screen time (remember what they did to Galactus in the Fantastic Four 2?).