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Happy New Year

Friday, January 2nd, 2004

Wednesday, New Year’s Eve! I went off to the HSBC in the morning thinking that I could pick up the last piece of paperwork I needed for my work visa, then submit it all from work, but then sure enough a clerical error was found and it will have to be done another day. No fault of mine!! I decided to “work” from home for the rest of the day – why not, since it’s my last day as a freelance writer. I am full time as of January 2. So Naoko and I went shopping, took a cab home and picked Zen up from school, then off home to bum around the apartment all afternoon. Ate a nice cheese omelette for dinner, then drank gin and watched KOHAKU on NHK until 11:00, when it turned midnight in Japan. Dad wasn’t keen on watching something in another language, but mum watched it with us and we told her about the singers who were performing and what was interesting or significant about them. Not much was showing on the other channels, but there was a “live from Sentosa” new year’s eve thingy that was amusing. Casablanca came on after midnight and we watched a bit of that until we got too sleepy. Happy New Year!

Today we bummed around and nursed hangovers. It was OK – swam in the morning, napped in the afternoon, went cycling with Zen in the evening. Nice. Heard bad news from Japan – Naoko’s uncle died on the last day of the year after being in a coma, some bacteria was attacking his heart!

Here are some pics of us from the bird park the other day:

bird park!

bird park!