Andreas came over for a sleep-over on Sunday night. He was a bit nervous because he’s never been away from his parents and apparently still crawls into their bed at night.

We heard the kids at 5am the next morning. I guess someone got up early and woke the others up. We told them to go back to bed (we were tired too) and shooed them away. Then around 7am or so, Lauren comes into our room holding a handful of her own hair. Seems the kids wanted to “make her beautiful” so they decided to cut her hair. She didn’t really understand and let them do it, so she ended up getting some sort of mullet-like hair. :(

We took Lauren to the hairdresser the next day and now she has sort of a bob. Her hair is still a bit lop-sided (ie longer on one side than the other) but it looks better than before (but not as nice as originally). We also realised that it was the first time that we cut Lauren’s hair (and that someone else cut her hair as well. :)

Evan was pretty well sorry for what he’d done, mostly from our reaction I think. I had a quiet talk with him about how naughty it was and he really didn’t understand why it was so bad, but that it was. He said he just wanted to make her pretty, which I guess is kinda a nice thing. I’m not sure whether I should expect a 6 year old to understand whether cutting someone’s hair is a good or bad thing to do.

I also realised the other day that Lauren has lived more of her life in Japan than in NZ. By the time we return to NZ, Evan will have spent more of his life in Japan than NZ as well. :)

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